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We've received comments from Fut 20 Coins

We've received comments from Fut 20 Coins both core and pro players throughout our last feedback sessions and feel confident the changes will address the issues with the mechanic.


players have supplied feedback on departure mechanics throughout the FIFA 19 cycle. Here's how we are addressing moving to our following product:Increased Error on Difficult Position Passing - 180 degrees, first-time, and pressured passes situations will now result in slower/weaker balls,

which makes them simpler and easier to buy FIFA 20 Coins get intercepted by the opposing team.Increased Accuracy for passes in very easy situations; non-pressured, body-positioned, and no barrier passes will result in an increased accuracy pass for these sorts of situations. 'Dinked' moves are marginally elevated passes used to avoid a defender's leg.

These kinds of passes will no longer be contextual and will only happen if executed manually during this brand new mechanic.Driven Pass-and-Go mechanic is going to be enabled as yet another passing option, resulting in a stronger pass-and-go and much more mobility/positioning while attacking.

buynba2k · 671 days ago
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Nba live mobile coins buy to buynba2k
22.08.2019 (671 days ago)
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We've received comments from Fut 20 Coins