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I would gladly take the cheap wow classic gold

I've played with a Protection Paladin since I first joined World of Warcraft two months after Burning Crusade first came out. I did miss Vanilla wow classic gold greatest by a year, but I adored the Protection Paladins all the way up until Blizzard savagely raped them once Legion came out, and efficiently just destroyed them in BfA.

And I know that R-word is quite profound, and results in a whole lot of attention twitches, but you have to admit, they just destroyed the Protection Paladins (I want my Crusader Attack back damn it, at least give me that... sniffle I miss Exorcism also ).Content founder's have each right; many of them do this as a living.

When it came to seeing a few ads on a video from a founder I like, or see no videos because they do not have enough funds to devote the amount of time that it takes to put together this superb video, I would gladly take the cheap wow classic gold advertisements. And as Dylan said, something like this takes a great deal of work and MadSeason deserves whatever support we could provide, even if he doesn't bring this up in his videos.

I'm looking forward to WoW Classic except for Paladin. My god, this course is completely boring to play. You have your Seals, auto-attack and Judgement and that's it. Perhaps Consecration if you spec into it, forcing you to play with a Healer should you want to do PvE content.

buynba2k · 449 days ago
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18.04.2019 (449 days ago)
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I would gladly take the cheap wow classic gold