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COMPACTOR Illusionist Trailer | Illusions That Make You High
www.TrippyMagic.com Compactor Illusion by Jordano The Great of Tricky Magic Productions entertainment company based in Victoria BC Canada. Jordano performs illusions that make you high. Get high watching Jordano performing the compactor illusion. This illusion was inspired by Andrew Maynes Shrinker illusion but is much different in method and gimmicks. Although the basic concept is the same as Shrinker the methods have very clever gimmicks that are not bulky. Watching this illusionist trailer can make you high or make you see things that trip you out. This illusion movie has trippy illusion music and a trippy video effect of making Jordano look like a smurf. This illusion makes you high and the music is engaging and captures the magic moment. www.Mr.Magic.tv
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COMPACTOR Illusionist Trailer | Illusions That Make You High