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Zenith--one of the fortnite materials

On top of the tasks that were weekly, Epic has also added Snowfall challenges this year. These are 7's equivalent of the Hunting Party challenges from Season 6, meaning you can just finish them by finishing all the challenges out of a specified week. By doing so, a unique loading screen which includes a hint pointing to a item hidden around the island will be unlocked.

If you have completed the challenges all from 1 week, you'll unlock the loading screen above. It depicts Zenith--one of the fortnite materials two new progress skins you'll receive for buying a Season 7 Battle Pass--ziplining the side of the snow mountain which was introduced into the island this season. If you look just left of the character, you'll see a a submarine that is crashed in the background, above that is the silhouette of a Battle Star.

The submarine above is exactly the same one you will need to dance atop as part of one of the multi-stage challenges of Week 1. It's located on the mountain. Head to the area at the start of a game, find the submarine, and also the buy Fortnite Items Battle Star will appear above it. Collect it as you would any other thing and your Battle Pass'll level up by a single tier.

That means that you won't only be able to go to the ideal place and gather it till you have completed sufficient challenges. If you need any help you'll find guides and tips in our Season 7 challenges roundup.

buynba2k · 403 days ago
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Zenith--one of the fortnite materials