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While I personally think that wow classic gold

While I personally think that wow classic gold is a good concept, I really don't mind a few of the upgrades WoW Classic has gotten since then. Though they used the same graphics as WoW Classic, the models and cartoons, and many of the very same features that Vanilla did have, it wouldn't eliminate that we still play through the story as it was back then. It would not change anything.if loot trading comes to live, I will roll a warrior maintank along with a rogue and likely pay someone to play my rogue whilst raid MC.

If thunderfury drops I will hand it to my rogue (first binding) then delete my warrior and say it's been prohibited (nobody knows its my rogue). Some months inform I got 1 binding already that I get prio about the cheap wow classic gold 2nd binding and later I will join another guild.

This thread hurts my head. So people don't need a timeless match to be better? I mean, I see why folks would prefer classic over the game, but what is the point of adding the negatives? Like not only are you gonna play older gamers, but you're gonna find and favor classic. They get known for it that they would like to fix mediocre work they're getting called out for if when devs do work that is poor? WoW Classic has some interesting players.

Players have it easy nowadays. There are so many quality of lifestyle changes I'm so glad they included but I believe everyone should have a opportunity to play with vanilla simply to see how much it has changed and what a pain in the butt some things were like spending a particularly long time looking for that quest item before the sparkles. Let's not neglect the run to log into your server.

buynba2k · 400 days ago
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25.04.2019 (400 days ago)
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While I personally think that wow classic gold