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When Polar Peak arrived on the Fortnite Items

When Polar Peak arrived on the Fortnite Items map at the start of season , it was clear there was more to it than meets the eye. Despite its inland title, it is very apparent that there's something lurking in the ice, and by the appearance of the top tower and the gate front, the common idea was that the entire iceberg is really that the Ice King's (grade 100) castle.

However thanks to Playground manner, players can fully explore the sport than previously, such as flat-out breaking it to...see what's actually under ice.

In what I think is the first time this has occurred up to now, German YouTuber StanPlay has gotten himself lodged under the ice thanks to a series of creative respawns and port-a-forts. And while what's underneath is unfinished, it is buy fortnite weapons clear that there is going to be here than just a different castle to coincide with the haunted one up north.

Rather, Polar Peak is really a castle...having an entire village . It's one of those medieval walled towns you find in games like The Witcher or Skyrim or you know, actual history. There's the castle lording over everybody, both literally and figuratively, and then a city down beneath where the frequent folk live and blacksmith items and pay a whole lot of taxation and whatever townsfolk do.

buynba2k · 40 days ago
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When Polar Peak arrived on the Fortnite Items