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They would like to Runescape gold

"They would like to Runescape gold know why this area is as it is, and they want to learn its history, so that's our continuing story. There are five houses fighting over a city, Great Kourend, and we've released quests--little ones--for low level players, covering all the homes. Two more continue to come. As soon as you've done all of them and learned the history of each home, you'll have the ability to move ahead and learn what they're likely to do . The houses are fighting to ensure their man gets to be the next monarch, but we are doing so gradually."

Bridges and Ogilvie admit, however, that most of the players that care about fresh tales get their fix with RuneScape 3, in which the vast majority of fresh narrative content gets added. Seeing the background of the world develop over time is Cheap OSRS gold a bonus, but a good deal of what the team does is add more PvE challenges and skill updates. That doesn't mean players are nudged in any particular directions, though.

"If someone wants to just log into the game and fight creatures and level up abilities, they can," Ogilvie says. "If they wish to jump in and perform quests, they could spend hours just doing quests, and not do any skills in any way. It's all completely optional. There is a whole group of mini-games to play, or you'll be able to get stuck into PvP right away."

He remembers one participant, in RuneScape's early days, that did nothing but cut trees down. "This player had a massive woodcutting level, but surely no stats from anything else." For them, it was something to do while they chatted for their pals. RuneScape was this player's IM of choice in the early 2000s.

buynba2k · 264 days ago
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They would like to Runescape gold