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Statement on the Fortnite Items

Here is the company's statement on the Fortnite Items subject:At Epic we strive to put players and to provide a supported, full-fledged knowledge in every game we release. With the maturation of Spyjinx along with other endeavors, it has become more and more hard for our team to encourage the Infinity Blade series at a level that meets our criteria.

"The Infinity Blade series will always hold a special place for me and for Epic as a whole," Donald Mustard, Global Creative Director, stated,"It is always bittersweet to say goodbye, but we're eager for Spyjinx and what the future holds!"

During the next month, we'll continue to support Infinity Blade III with upgraded Clash Mobs along with other surprises. Fans should be sure to check in for particular items. You can download the Infinity Blade Stickers program for free, to buy fortnite materials express our thanks to you, our lovers. As we bid farewell, make sure you keep your eyes peeled! You will find Infinity Blade popping up.

Although this is unfortunate, as promised the true Infinity Blade out of the cellular trilogy of Epic did indeed pop you wouldn't expect. Well, in fact, I kind of figured this would be the case, but the sword has landed in Fortnite today. It is not a standard item like assault rifles or SMGs. Rather, it plays much like the special time Thanos style. There's only one sword and wielding it gives you powers that are super. You may read more about that here.

buynba2k · 388 days ago
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Statement on the Fortnite Items