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Fortnite's seventh year is in fortnite weapons

Fortnite's seventh year is in fortnite weapons full swing because a brand new batch of challenges shreds its way into the match. The wintry season is filled with holiday cheer, and Week 3's challenges are the last before Christmas arrives.This week we see the recurrence of doorbell ringing, a brand new search between challenge, and much more. Let's take a peek at this week's free and Battle Pass challenges.

These really are an intriguing mix of new and old. Not a bad lineup at all if you ask me. Let's take a look at how to solve every one.The following three challenges will have separate guides and I will link to them here and update this article when they're live.The remainder of these challenges are a bit more straightforward, but we'll go into every one of them a little bit.

Ride Ziplines: This is very straightforward indeed. You will just need to Fortnite Items buy have a twist on one of those myriad ziplines across the map. Just remember you can only get credit for a single each game and need to ride in five distinct matches. Ziplines are everywhere across the map at this point so that you should have no trouble finding them.

Phase 1: Land in Lonely Lodge -- We will need to see where the next steps are to assist with this one, but it doesn't seem like anything interesting or tough, in all honesty. We have seen some smart multi-stage challenges in Fortnite, but this is only a rehash of landing named locations. Kind of dull but at least it's simple. This will have five phases so that it is going to also take five games to complete.

Famous Weapon Eliminations: I'm pretty sure this is actually the first one of these we have seen. You will just require a gold (Legendary) gun to complete this challenge. All these are constantly (but not exclusively) located in Supply Drops. You'll have better chance in modes such as Team Rumble with respawning activated, but those are not in rotation. Your best choice is to get quite far into a normal match and locate a Supply Drop.

buynba2k · 24 days ago
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Fortnite's seventh year is in fortnite weapons