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DIY vanilla stevia drops

Stevia is my sweetener of choice and I find liquid stevia is far superior to any other form.

A small bottle of stevia drops is about $16. If you opt for the cheaper brand the dropper is plastic and I think it really affects the taste.

I love making my own things and saving money so here is my attempt at making vanilla stevia drops.

I found ground stevia leaves at a local herb shop. The sweet green powder was about $4 for a cup. So I have now found the most natural and cheapest way to buy this sweetener. On its own the herb is super sweet and has a bit of a grassy flavour. I don’t mind that, but we’ll see how the tincure works out.

I have purchased several flavours of stevia drops including, vanilla, root beer, orange, caramel and chocolate. Vanilla is my favourite and most versatile.

Warning: This is an experiment, not a tried a true recipe. I’ll update this post in a couple weeks to one month and let you know how it turned out.

You will need:

Two vanilla beans (I used Mexican vanilla)
1/2 cup dried stevia leaves
375 ml of vodka (or any other hard liquor)

1. Cut the beans lengthwise and scrape out the vanilla seeds. The put the seeds and empty pods in a jar.

2. Add stevia leaves and alcohol.

3. Let sit in a dark cupboard for two to four weeks.

4. Strain mixture. I am going to fill all my empty stevia bottles with it.

charla2010 · 2838 days ago
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DIY vanilla stevia drops