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But in case you’re wondering at Mmogo

 What are they doing, you ask? Well, they are tracking how many times their players high-five in a game because studies have  at NBA Live Coins shown teams who high-five more also tend to win more.Per Head Coach Earl Watson:"We have a high-five stat. I'm being honest with you. This is true. So we want to keep track of how many high-fives we get per game to each other."


As we mentioned, there is some science behind this but whether or not just giving out more high-fives will be enough to bring the  Mobile madden coins Suns an NBA Championship seems ... uh ... unlikely. But hey, a guy or a franchise can dream!Apparently this isn't the first time they've monitored a players' high-fives ... Why is there college football on Tuesday and Wednesday nights?


You’ve probably turned your television onto an ESPN network on a Tuesday or Wednesday evening and been pleasantly surprised to see real, live college football on. Odds are that the game you turned on was either a Sun Belt or Mid-American Conference matchup. If you’re a fan of a MAC or Sun Belt team or a regular college football fan, this is nothing new for you.


But in case you’re wondering at Mmogo  why it’s happening so early in the week: it has to do with these conferences’ television deals with ESPN, exposure for the schools, and the people who watch these games. What early week games are in place for 2016?Oct. 5 begins 2016’s Wednesday night games, with the Sun Belt’s Georgia Southern at Arkansas State on ESPN2 at 8 p.m ET, followed by Appalachian State at UL Lafayette on Oct. 12.

buynba2k · 307 days ago
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But in case you’re wondering at Mmogo