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ET and Pistons-Warriors at 10:30.AND FINALLY: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar reviews two books on Muslim identity in the New York at NBA Live Mobile Coins Times.Be excellent to each other. The NBA Slam Dunk Contest is a lot more fun with props -The NBA Slam Dunk Contest is upon us, and aside from the body-contorting, physics-defying feats of athleticism the four contestants are set to show, fans should look forward to something that has become a staple of dunk contest tradition.


Props.No, not the props you give your friend for  Cheap NFL 18 Coins getting a bucket at the park. The kind of props dunk contest participants have grown accustomed to jumping over, around, or on top of in pursuit of glory.But where did dunk contest props begin? For several decades, it was a gimmick that was occasionally broken out, but around 2008, you began to see props show up more and more frequently.


And honestly, the NBA was so much better for it.As more and more dunks have already been done, players have naturally had to get more creative. Let’s take a trip down memory lane:1992: Cedric Ceballos’ Blindfold DunkHe could totally see through that blindfold. DON’T LET THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA DECEIVE YOU. (Oh, that’s us. Never mind.)2007:


 Dwight Howard’s sticker dunkThe most important thing for big men who are already seven feet (or close) is showing that they’re still jumping absurdly high, and it’s not just because they’re tall. The sticker dunk that Dwight Howard pulled off in 2007 was a perfect example of how to do that.2008: Gerald Green cupcake dunkHonestly, this was one of the best dunk contest ideas of all time.

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buynba2k · 280 days ago
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give your friend for Cheap NFL 18 Coins