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I quit it for like a year go in OSRS gold

I overlook runescape. I have a flat 122 on Runescape3 with 99 99 def and 95 hp but I get bored of it quickly I quit it for like a year go in OSRS gold a two month binge on it. I think I enjoy osrs but I do not wish to begin from scratch.

I wish they let Runescape2 players vent over it to osrs when it dropped. The Runescape3 community is trash, the neighborhood is like playing call of responsibility versus a lot of 12 year olds that"fucked your mom." The EOC is crap too. I don't like pk on Runescape3 even though I use to go to wilderness and pk world the time 10 years back. The reason I do not want to change to osrs is because I don't wish to start from scratch if my current Runescape3 account's existed for like 14 years.

So you are going to describe me some logic and then jump into substantiating your previous comment on it not being good with"it is how to gwt osrs gold complete shit" and also a straight up shit comparison showing you have likely not touched Runescape in years or you've never gotten anywhere, f2p maybe. Yes you need the equipment however at the same time they aren't JUST there to deliver PVP equipment into Runescape.

There is a symbiosis between the two, and it is not a sin for a match not to be PVP pushed. There readily a location though there's even more PVErs. It is pretty evident in case you look busy PVP is.

buynba2k · 397 days ago
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05.05.2019 (397 days ago)
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I quit it for like a year go in OSRS gold