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Hi there, I am Kymberly from Oregon, U.S.A. I love to travel, both internation and domastic.

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Well made. Also includes wire cutters. Watch video to see how sharp the knife is. Practical multitool Leatherman class looks! One can have many multi tools around the house so I wasvery happy when given the opportunity to buy this product in order to write
1384 days ago
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1531 days ago
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The traditional Savor premium zester grater is the premium cooking device for house cooks to include extraordinary fresh taste to numerous dishes. More slender and with smaller holes than rasp graters, zesters make hundreds of fine cuts. They are perfect f
1548 days ago
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This Baby Mirror stays safely in installed and presents you a clear, undistorted reflection of your infant. I have actually installed numerous different baby car mirrors\car seat mirrors for many years and so many of them were more problem than they deserv
1554 days ago
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This mirror is simply best for your brand-new child while they are sitting in a rear facing safety seat. My friend is a new mommy, and it drives her nuts that she cannot see the child while she is driving. She pulls over all the time with every sound her c
1572 days ago
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WOW! This stainless-steel multitool Leatherman class looks SWEET! Not just does it have a pouch to support it in however the tool itself features all these devices on it: Needlenose Pliers - Routine Pliers - Sharp Knife - Small Knife - Small Screwdriver -
1572 days ago
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I'm going to sound like a silly lady however I recall years ago Oprah pointing out these on her program and she had somebody on who had one and it saved their life. Since then I have actually constantly had one of these tools in my car (I was a teen at the
1573 days ago
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This is an excellent multi-tool Leatherman class! I want to keep these in every automobile. . Unlike other multitool this one fits easily in my hand, even while grasping the pliers with additional force. The slightly serrated edge on the holding area makes
1573 days ago
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Top quality car mirror that is an essential for all moms and dads. Pros: - Really easy to install. Simply fit the straps around the car's headrest and pivot to a proper angle, and the mirror will remain in location. Easy to adjust position and angle accord
1573 days ago
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Authorities state the storms and freezing temperature levels in Tennessee triggered 21 fatalities, consisting of eleven attributed to hypothermia. To avoid disaster and prevent a crisis when caught on a freeway in a storm, have a survival kit with a car ha
1574 days ago